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1_basilica_santa_trophimenae_di_minori.jpeg This charming village, famous and sought-after destination for many tourists, is situated in the middle of a vast bay of the Amalfi Coast.

Stroll through the colorful streets, feel the strong smell of orange blossoms, look at the nuances of the sea ranging from green to blue with the light of the sun and fall in love with the magical atmosphere of this place.
Thanks to its privileged position and mild climate, Minori is one of the richest towns in the Coast of historical events, just think that in the past has been a favorite destination of the privileged classes of Roman society as a holiday elite, hence the name Old Rheginna Minor, where he spent pleasant moments of relaxation.

The Maritime Villa Romana
This villa is a great attraction for tourists who want to discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. It was built around the first century AD C. and probably had the function to welcome within its walls a rich Roman family during summer holidays in this wonderful Minori.
The lower floor of the structure, which is also the only visible, you can visit along a staircase that leads to a large porch where you can enjoy a viridarium, The Basilica di S. Trofimena.
The mortal remains of S. Trofimena are kept inside the basilica from the very structure of late eighteenth century style, built on the same area of the old Romanesque church. Today the cathedral was built over the existing burial chapel of the saint, while traces of the old structure. The main facade is divided into three parts, turns his gaze towards the sea. Input in an oval niche, is placed a bust of the late baroque Santa Trofimena

Miss a stop at the famous patisserie of "sal of rise" to taste delicious rice cakes among which the famous cheese and pear, lemon delight and historic holy pink puff.