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1_veduta_maiori.jpeg The old town is made ​​up of narrow streets, medieval buildings, churches and cobblestone streets. The waterfront is characterized by a long promenade leading to the marina and beaches or beaches, lined with bars and restaurants.

To visit:
Grotta Pandora is famous for its beauty. Among the most important of the Amalfi coast can be reached by boat trips. The interior features an emerald, stalactites and stalagmites.

Mezzacapo Palace is located in the center of the city and was once the residence of the Marquis of Mezzacapo. Inside you can admire the vaulted ceilings, frescoed walls, mirrors and gilded stucco. During the Second World War, the building became home to the headquarters of the Americans.
Do not miss the luxury of Fair Representation.

What to do
Guests of Maiori, have the opportunity to make excursions to the most charming places of the Amalfi Coast. We recommend a trip to the Norman Tower, the sulfur caves, the beach of "Dead Horse"and the "Catacombs"by S. Maria De Olearia